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Rethink @karthika.baiju

That this was the first response that came in made it all the more gratifying. :) Thanks Karthika! 🤝🙏

Via Amit Sebastien to join Elevate Learning lab @jacksonchengalai

😎🙏 Brought back memories Jackson. Made me recall an interesting episode and experiment from my life.

How can I increase my personal networks in current pandemic situation? @sandy85625

Digital lends well to building meaningful connections and relationships. Make LinkedIn & Twitter your friends. Curate people you wish to connect with and meaningfully engage with them.

Followed dad's path. I was always focused in that direction. In case my steps had failed, a reference point had existed to lift me up here. Never had to use. @jishnu_saji_

Some of the best opportunities are never advertised indeed. :) Would love to learn more

Request for 3d printing faceshields for govt came through a reference and I ended up selling 1.5 Lakh @lumorbis

References are the lifeblood of business after all 🤷 :)

By being genuine and treating people with respect and love. @libin.abraham

🙏 Amen to that

I don't like begging and dependable on someone else for networking. So I create my own.@viralreelslive

Option 1: Interesting that you used the word begging. :) Worth exploring.

Option 2: Well, who does? 🤷:)

Naukri @anandvarkeyphilips

Someones has their job portal game on point I can see :)

Startup Dating Event @kasturishr

Dating is the way ****😎💯

Referrals 💃

Referrals @sruthisarajacob_art

Referral @poojasupriya

Reference @sujigopalan

Reference @tiwarinimisha

Referral @farishcv

Referral and network

Circle 🙌

Through Friends mostly. Especially when they recommend strongly. @meeraradha2012

References by close people in my network. @sh_deepika

Network 🤝

Networking @akanshab786

Networking @layanalal1999