An interesting use case of Facebook Graph Search

Note: This article was originally published on July 22, 2013.

I chanced upon a new use case of the Facebook graph search tool during one of the informal conversations that I was having with the founder of one of our startups. Vijith of Dolojo is the person that I am referring to here. He had very recently moved into Startup Village with his new team mates and was introducing me to them. I also came to know that the two smart ones were the products of FISAT and the proteges of the much beloved Prof Mahesh. (Mahesh is doing a remarkable job of grooming talented young coders and kudos to the college management for having enabled and empowered this passionate and committed individual with the right tools, structures and resources for him to create his magic. They have a very interesting model which I’ll probably talk about in a different post).

I do keep asking this question to teams that I run into “How did you end up meeting / knowing each other? (Vijith by the way is a recent graduate from CUSAT). And during our conversation, I ended up asking these guys also the very same question. Almost every time that answer is quite insightful and this time around it was particularly so. The answer came from Vijith, “Facebook Graph Search”. What struck me even more was that the way he mentioned it came across as a logical thing to do. And he also had “obviously” written all over his face. (Well, not so much for someone like me who was engaged in a half an hour conversation with one of our other startup founders, Shiju of iTraveller, brainstorming on how and where to find talented coders to join his team; and that too just before this conversation with Vijith happened ).

My curiosity made me ask what was the exact search string that he used. “People who like Python”!! And that got him to in touch with these talented developers. How simple and awesome was that! Facebook graph search had amazed me at the advent itself. I could not see the exact use cases where it could be used (except ofcourse the obvious use case of looking up a girl in a city or in your friends list ) but I could sort of sense its power that left me convinced that this was going to be big. And this use case was just remarkable! Talent acquisition for startups just got a fresh twist!

To all those startup founders who are looking for developers, maybe its time to do a quick Facebook graph search that probably looks something like — “Students who like Android”. And the students / graduates / developers out there who are looking for promising and challenging opportunities, you might want to ensure that you have “Liked” the pages corresponding to the development platforms of your choice and expertise!