An open call to all

Share this us good opportunities that you discover. Mail it to us at

So this morning Arya’s mother called her up to inform us of an opportunity that she came across. She had received an email about National Entrepreneurship Awards by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. She found it to be good opportunity that people should be aware of and hence called to understand how to share it with us so that we may be able to socialise in our circles. The guidance that we shared with her is being captured here which in turn leads us to our open call to all well wishers.

Whenever you come across any opportunity that you find is good and could be valuable to the community, do take out a moment to share it with us by sending an email to

What we will then look to do is to capture it on our reddit board. All our volunteers have access to the reddit board and one of them will do the needful to capture the opportunity you shared as one of the threads there.

The reddit board serves as a repository of all opportunity relevant information that we discover. The ones that are vetted then finds it way to the Opportunity page of our Wiki

Our reddit board

Opportunity page of our Wiki

You might want to check out both the resources that I have mentioned in this post, Opportunity page of our Wiki & our reddit board — there are already quite a few good opportunities listed there. And yes, do also make it a point to share these two resources with others as well who could potentially benefit.

As for the opportunity information shared by Arya’s mother, it has already found its way to our reddit board as a thread

Opportunity shared by Arya’s mother