Asking for favours & Ben Franklin effect

There is a propensity for people to like the people they have done some favours to which in turn sets up for the person doing more favours down the line. This is referred to as Ben Franklin effect. This happens as a result of cognitive dissonance. Our brain and selves have a need to maintain consistency between our actions, words and thoughts.

The converse is also true. We end up hating the people we have done harm to. This is also the reason why we come up with derogatory terms for people we don't like as well as for our enemies. It's a cognitive process to dehumanize them. Which in turn rationalizes in the mind that they deserved the harm. This is also cognitive dissonance in play.

One of the influence approaches then to get people to like you and help you out more is to ask for favours. Key to securing favours when asking lies in your ability to connect with people. Start small. Once they have said a Yes to few things, they are more likely to say Yes to things further.

It works the other way around too

Best to start with favours that people can readily offer and does not really cost them much ie stays within their affordable losses. Over time, the favours can be gradually dialled up to get to the point of skin in the game. Rather than opening or leading with a big ask, adopt a foot in the door approach to get to skin in the game aka partnerships.