Auria Kathi, the AI artist

An interesting 20% collaboration project of Sleeba Paul & Fabin Rasheed.

Today’s Office hours call was with Sleeba Paul, an ML professional and a GECT (MTech) alum. Few days back I had received a note from Sleeba, appraising me about a project he had put together along with his friend Fabin Rasheed, a designer with Adobe.

On 2019 Jan 7th, we’ve launched Auria Kathi. She generates a short poem, draws an abstract art based on the poem, and then colours the picture depending upon a mood. All these creative tasks are done without any human intervention. Everything from her face to art to voice is artificially generated. We try to push the limits of generative art here. Auria is envisioned as a hub for artificial artistry. In the coming days, she will be creating more varieties of artificial digital art.Excerpt from Sleeba’s email note about the Auria Kathi project

Sleeba mentioned that this was a project that he was pursuing on the side and stemmed out of curiosity. Auria has made it to the 12th edition of the Florence Biennale 2019 under the under the contemporary digital art section. While Sleeba has reached out for guidance on raising funds for the their travel to participate in the Biennale, my interest in having a chat with him was based on my sheer interest and curiosity in their work. What I wished to understand was how they came up with this project and what their plans were with it going forward. My objective was also to nudge them towards different use cases that could be explored with their present project or with the underlying capability.

For those who wish to check out Auria, she is on both Instagram and Twitter and will be posting daily for next year.