Books that made me rethink

The ones that came top of mind

  1. Four hour workweek

  2. What got you here won’t get you there

  3. You can sell

  4. Never split the difference

  5. Rethinking money

  6. Rise of collaborative consumption

The (near) full list

  1. The 4 hour work week Timothy Ferriss .

  2. The zero margical cost society Jeremy Rifkin .

  3. Rethinking money Bernard Lietaer, Jacqui Dunne .

  4. What got you here wont get you there Marshall Goldsmith .

  5. The modern monk Hindol Sengupta .

  6. Makers Chris Anderson .

  7. Free Chris Anderson .

  8. The icarus deception Seth Godin

  9. Linchpin Seth Godin

  10. On writing well Willian Zenser

  11. Abundance Peter Diamandis, Steven Kotler

  12. The art of learning Josh Waitzkin

  13. Program or be programmed Douglas Rushkoff

  14. Open source democracy Douglas Rushkoff

  15. How Google works Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg

  16. Managing with power Jeffrey Pfeffer

  17. The hard thing about hard things Ben Horowitz

  18. Clinton cash Peter Schweizer

  19. Wikileaks David Leigh, Luke Harding, The Guardian

  20. You can sell Shiv Khera

  21. Social psychology Stainton Rogers, Wendy

  22. Evolutionary psychology Lance Workman, Will Reader

  23. Future shock Alvin Toffler

  24. Powershift Alvin Toffler

  25. Rich dad, poor dad Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter

  26. What’s mine is yours Rachel Botsman, Roo Rogers

  27. I’m feeling lucky Douglas Edwards

  28. The year without pants Scott Berkun

  29. Manage your day to day Jocelyn K Glei

  30. Personal productivity secrets Maura Nevel Thomas

  31. Autopilot Andrew Smart

  32. The ONE thing Gary Keller, Jay Papasan

  33. Rework Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson

  34. Leadership on the line Ronald A Heifetz, Mary Linksy

  35. Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky

  36. Cognitive surplus Clay Shirkey

  37. Flip! Peter Sheahan

  38. The road less travelled M Scott Peck

  39. Hackers by Steven Levy

  40. Getting things done by David Allen

  41. Good to great Jim Collins

  42. Joy of compounding

  43. Flywheel effect

  44. Mastery

  45. Never Split the difference

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