Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin is and has remained one of my favourite cartoons. Like many things, I got introduced to this also only much later in my life. It was during my Infosys days that Sid Pai had introduced me to this. He handed me a folder with I had almost the entire collection and I remember reading them during the course of the sessions seated in the back row. Ran through them them all in quick time also. Capturing some of the strips that are top of mind from memory as well. Would be good to know who all are the other Calvin fans from my network. For the ones who have not been initiated into Calvin, I would highly recommend it. And the gratitude for my initiation goes to Pai.

My all time favourite

His Dad is cool

And mom even cooler



Ignorance is instantaneous


True that. Also applies to jobs.

One is a job and the other is fun

Good argument

On the money

Develop your worldview and your point of view

Understand the way the world works