My Covid SOS post was taken down

and reinstated

Last week I was helping out a friend secure leads for a colleague of hers. I had posted to my social handles and a while later, I received a notification from Instagram intimating me about the removal of my story post citing violation of community guidelines. To note, this was only an SOS post.

Reading through their community guidelines left me even more perplexed. Promptly flagged it for review since yes, I believed Instagram did make a mistake. Went back and double checked by post before I did so even.

Fortunately Instagram did reinstate the post. Instagram did show me when I raised a review request that all their staff was busy and that it could take a while. Thankfully in this case, the reinstating action on their part happened reasonably quickly ie within 10 - 15 minutes from when I had flagged it for review.

Makes one wonder.