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Stakeholder email that went out to people in my circle

Last year was interesting; aside of Covid inflicted tribulations that is. 

Towards the earlier part of the year, had engaged with Upekkha which turned into a Partner role with them. I was also invited to be a Member of the Central Government’s Expert Committee on Science and Technology Policy (STIP).

Towards the latter part of the year, Saji Gopinath (former KSM CEO) pinged me to intimate about the Kerala Startup Mission CEO role being open. Didn’t make the cut though owing to the age bar - one of those instances where being younger works against your advantage :) - Govt notification read only candidates above 40.

This year, something even more interesting has now come my way. A bunch of founders have formed a non profit organisation, ADIF, to represent the internet / digital startups of our country. They had reached out and I am joining them as ED / CEO. Ritesh (of Innov8) & Sairee (of Sheroes) played the key role in making this happen. It’s also owing to my trust and relationship with them both that I decided to take on the role as well.

What ADIF is looking to do essentially is forge an alliance of individuals and organisations who are shaping the Digital India landscape & economy through their entrepreneurial pursuits. The intersection of tech, policy & entrepreneurship is something that always excited me. This opportunity offers exactly that.

This means that I will be stepping down from my Partner role with Upekkha - will continue to remain vested nevertheless in making the Upekkha model successful. This also means that I will be shifting to Delhi. Tom & Jibin have joined my team at ADIF and will be joining me in Delhi. I am also in the process of onboarding a journalist from Delhi, Amanat, to the founding team along with them both.

I am excited by what such a platform like ADIF could do to bolster the Indian startup ecosystem and amplify its impact. Should all shape well, this has the potential to create impact like Startup Village did albeit on a bigger canvas. Seeking support and wishes.

On a more entertaining note, I got invited as a permanent jury member of this entrepreneurship themed reality show on Flowers TV named Samrambhaka. The show airs on Sundays at 2pm and is being received well by its target audience I’ve been observing. 

Founding Team @ ADIF

Amanat Khullar | LinkedIn, Twitter
Jibin Jose | LinkedIn, Twitter
Tom Thomas | LinkedIn, Twitter
Sijo Kuruvilla George | Linkedin, Twitter


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