#ENT101: Course review by students

There is a mechanism for collection of feedback from students employed by XIME. Aside of this, I also had instituted a mechanism of my own. Capturing all the comments that came in from both review exercises in this post

Direct feedback from students using Google forms

I had done two rounds of collection of feedback. The second one at the end of the course in the few minutes after the last session and the first one during the first half of the course. The first one was more of an expectation mapping after having shared the course plan for the 3 months and students ended up filling that out over a period of time — between the first class & the midterm exam that happens midway through the course.

Review comments at the end of the course

This was the question in the second form

Review comments during the first half of the course

This was the question in the first form

Feedback from XIME mechanism

As far as I understand, they do this exercise twice during the duration of the course — one around / after midterm and the other one around / after end term. The information that they share is a composite score (out of 4) and a selection of comments / suggestions. On my part, I would have loved to have received all comments / suggestions as against a selection of them.

General guidance that was received from XIME also shared below

We expect our faculty members, to receive a rating of 2.5 and above. Kindly try to improve your ratings in case they are on the lower side and if they are above 2.5, do strive to take it even higher. Please ensure that you discuss a minimum of six case studies by end of the term.

First one — around / after mid term

Section A: Composite score 2.67

Section B: Composite score 3.04

Second one — around / after end term

Section A: Composite score — 2.89

Section B: Composite score — 2.88