ENT101: Startup Course @ XIME

I just completed offering my first ever course yesterday. I was invited as a guest faculty for the entrepreneurship course in this trimester. It was a good experience overall. Will look to capture the content & what all I attempted during the course through the blog series titled #ENT101.

Pic credits:

Muhammed Shibin

To start with, sharing the decks I had made use of to facilitate the sessions

  1. Deck 1: Course overview

  2. Deck 2: Defining entrepreneurship & startups

  3. Deck 3: Understanding startups as an asset class

  4. Deck 4: Fundraising process

  5. Deck 5: Startup fundraising

  6. Deck 6: Framework for coming up with ideas

  7. Deck 7: Economics of ideas

  8. Deck 8: MVP’s & Lean startup methodology

  9. Deck 9: Business model

  10. Deck 10: Course wrap up

Also sharing the link to my thinking deck, which contains a collection of thoughts I captured for purposes of covering in the course. Note: Not all topics in the topic have made it to the course decks

Each student has also been asked to come up with a blog post capturing one key learning from the course as part of their coursework itself. To see how the articles look like, you can take a look at the one penned by Amarnath (It also happens to be his first ever blog post). Once all have published their articles, will look to collate all into a publication as well on Medium.