Feel free to mute me on Twitter

Let me clarify how I approach Twitter — that should help understand the context of this post better. I make use of Twitter in the following three ways

  1. As my public email

  2. As my thoughts scribbler — micro blogging, taking notes etc

  3. Getting the good work of people in our circle — through Retweets

In summary, I’m primarily looking to make use of a Twitter as a tool to converse with myself and people in my circles (and not to the world out there)

Given the context, I also do not intend to follow any handles. So if you wish to bring anything to my attention, you will need to tag me.

Also, wish to have each & everyone from our circle to collectively join in on #3

It’s only recently I made a full switch to Twitter. Granted, I took me a look of time to get a sense of the platform and how make it work for me.

PS: I’ve gotten out of FB messaging completely & almost completely out of LinkedIn messaging as well. With Twitter approach working out well, I’ll also be exploring getting out of email.

Good thing being, given its public nature, Twitter feed is also searchable.

Sharing examples of all 3 approaches from my tweets as reference

Public email — Use case #1: Guidance

Public email — Use case #2: Connects

Thoughts — Use case #2: Micro blogging

Thoughts - Use case #2: Note taking

Doing my bit — Use case #1: Congrats (Exhibit A)

Doing my bit — Use case #1: Congrats (Exhibit B)

Doing my bit — Use case #2: Appreciating good work

Doing my bit — Use case #3: Lend a helping hand