Fetch link to logger spreadsheet from Telegram bot

Just made an edit to my logger code

So each time I wanted to take a look at the data being logged, I had to retrieve the spreadsheet link. And each time I had to do this, I was going to my browser and locating it based on past history, or going to drive first and locating from there by searching. This involved few steps (minimum 3) and switching platforms / views. Now this is cumbersome. And I find myself not checking out the logs not as much as I would have loved to. Each time I think of checking logs, I also think of the steps / effort involved and involuntarily postpone to later.

Key approach to productivity is eliminating steps — however small or effortless it may be

Since the logs were being crated from the bot, it made sense to have the link also be easily retrievable from the bot itself. To enable this, added a small piece of code (provided below). So if the text inserted is “link”, the bot will fetch you the link to the spreadsheet.

if (text === "link")

sendText(id, '<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p5A1jNwMkibZA/edit#gid=0>');


sendText(id, "Added to sheet");