Formula for getting out of a rut

Most times a good nights sleep does it for me. But if it’s a longer rut, getting back to basic / default routine is what helps me get out of it. Sleep, wake up, play / workout on time combined with catching up people & playing board games with people you cherish. Last time I was in such a run that I had to get back to basic routine was several years back. When I had decided to move on from MobME and when I was unsure / uncertain about what next. I recall being diagnosed with anxiety ulcers even. That definitely was one good rut. :)

Capturing into an actionable framework / formula

  1. Default to a basic routine. Any routine.

  2. Reach out & connect with people who care about you

  3. Know this: This too shall pass. എല്ലാം ശെരിയാവും.:)