Guidance to volunteers

Discovering opportunities, getting started and saving our WhatsApp groups from getting flooded

Whenever you discover a new opportunity that you find relevant & useful for our circle, you are requested to mark it up as thread on our reddit board. Once a week, we will look to review that on a schedule and collectively decide whether it satisfies our guidelines of being accepted into our Wiki

Each one of us are exposed to several good opportunities over the course of the week. We need a mechanism to capture them, verify them and ensure that its all available to the larger audience and hence this arrangement.

Such a system will also save our whatsapp groups from being flooded with images, videos, long information posts and such heavy content that are quite unwieldy for a mobile experience. Once it is pinned up to our reddit board, people who wish to have the information can visit the board and fetch the information themselves rather than the content (and mostly not relevant even) being pushed to them. If you feel the need to, you can post a very brief text update in the group along with the related link to the reddit thread.

Our reddit board can be viewed as equivalent to the notice board that used to exist in our college corridors where everything of even minor relevance used to be pinned up and and Wiki may be viewed as the college handbook which we all should have ideally had but never really did. Our blog, Rethink പത്രം is the equivalent of our campus newspaper. How we converged on that name name is a story in itself — one that best captures our preference for laziness & commitment to execution! :)

If its a information that does not require discretionary call and / or is already part of a section of our Wiki, then you may just go ahead and add it to our Wiki itself — similar to how Felix went ahead and updated the list of his fellow Google scholars on the Venkat Panchapakesan scholarship page of our Wiki

You will need to extended privileges to be able to post a new thread on the reddit board or make edits to our Wiki. If you don’t have access yet do drop a mail to

If you haven’t created your reddit username yet, it is advisable that you have your reddit username same as your twitter handle if it’s available and of course if that’s also ok with you.

Once you have received your Wiki edit access, you are requested to add your reddit & twitter usernames against your name in the table of our volunteer page of our Wiki

For any communication, clarification & coordination between our volunteers, we make use of our Opportunity Project whatsapp group


  1. Write to those who wish to volunteer with us on our projects. We would love to have you all involved

  2. You can take a look at our list of projects that we have going on now on our Projects page of our Wiki. If you wish to suggest any projects, again, just write to