Guided exploration

Sumesh is a good friend. During one of our conversations, an approach and practice that they do with their kid Saarang came up. Everyday Saarang has to ask 10 questions. Everyday. Then they sit together during the weekend and search for the answers together on the internet. They go on an exploration together.

Found this approach very fascinating. Both for its simplicity and for its brilliance. It's a practice that instills in the kid (the learner in this case) the ability and the skill to ask questions as against having to know the answers. If frees everyone, both the learner and the facilitator, of having to know any of the answers themselves. It gives a window to what the child is thinking and curious about. The log of these questions will be a great way to get a view of the child and his / her interests.

Embedded in the approach is the key to craft great educational experiences: Guided exploration.