Idea Grant — Temp Guidance Whatsapp groups

Today being the last day for submissions of application to 10th round of Idea Grant Scheme (Ideafest), we have endeavoured to create temp whatsapp groups to facilitate any last minute guidance needs that may arise. The whatsapp groups will stay alive till the application deadline (midnight tonight) and will be dismantled soon after.

What we have done is that we have created college level temp Whatsapp groups where we have a reasonable number of applications and where we have a volunteer base.

The objective of creating these whatsapp groups is two fold

  1. Ensure that all applicants from your college are clear and have all the guidance that they require to complete form 2 well

  2. Ensure that there is a mechanism to quickly and easily clear out any doubts that may arise

As always, one can always look to write in to v@r. That is and will remain the staple way of reaching us for for your information and guidance needs.

Joining the temp Whatsapp group

List of these temp Whatsapp and invite links to join those are provided below. Do look to join and once you have joined, make use of the groups for asking and clearing any doubts that you may have.









Amal Jothi —

Rajagiri —


Sahrdaya —


We have also created an open group for people who do not belong to any of these colleges but wish to avail guidance through this temp Whatsapp group endeavour of ours — Invite link to Open Whatsapp group.

Creating a temp guidance whatsapp group for your college

If your college does not figure in the list and you are interested to volunteer with this endeavour for the benefit of students and applicants from your college, just write to us at v@r expressing your interesting in volunteering for replicating this exercise in your college and we shall be glad to work alongside you.