Idea Grant: Will deadline be extended? / I have too less time now to submit Form 2

Have been hearing this all day and hence this post

Yes, today is the last date for application. But you still have time. Lots of it.

All will be provided more time (a week and if not more) to work on and improve their Form 2. What is required is that you made even a basic submission within the deadline (even draft responses will do). You will be able (and allowed) to edit your form responses thereafter. And yes, Form 2 is editable).

So all you need to ensure now for today is the following

  1. Make sure you Form 2 submission before the deadline

  2. Make sure you retain the link to edit the form

Arya has done a walkthrough Live which which guides you through the technicalities of navigating the questions in Form 2. The Live is also provided herewith in this post for ease of reference

And btw, Form 1 is also open still. Now go ahead and make your submissions in quick time — Form 1 should not take you more than 15 minutes and a very basic Form 2 can be completed in about 30 mins to an hour. Once done, just make sure you retain the edit link to Form 2 with you.

Once you get to this point, you have all of next week (and even beyond) to be able to improve your Form 2 submission. And all the information and guidance you will need to make a good Form 2 submission have beed compiled and made available by us at Rethink (find link below)