Let go or be dragged

Note: This article was originally published on April 18, 2014

Few weeks back in office, during one of our sprint sessions, we were attempting to draw up the literature related to Student Entrepreneurship Policy of the Kerala State Government to go into our Wiki page. Overview section to that wiki page drawn up by Diksha prominently spoke about the role Startup Village played in bringing about such a policy into existence. In fact the first line read that it was an outcome of a campaign (a series of campaigns actually if you want to be matter of fact) undertaken by us.

While I was doing the review of the overview literature, I commented that we need to reword it and state the information in a plain and straightforward manner and eliminate all the references to the role Startup Village played in that. Yes, we might have played a crucial role in that but students who reach out to us want to only know what’s this policy all about and what’s in it for them. To this argument of mine, Diksha countered saying “But we did do a lot of work which resulted in the policy in the first place”. Well, let’s accept it, nobody cares!

The rationale of rewording was eventually accepted by the group. Tom also saw the point of “Nobody cares” but by the time we were walking out of the room after the meeting, he commented “It’s true, but it’s sad”. To me, that’s not an accurate depiction. I would prefer to reword it to depict the phenomenon more accurately — Its true, and it’s not sad. That’s just how the way it is!