My first post on Quora and the Startup Village Harlem Shake

Note: This article was originally published on February 17, 2013

I ended up making my first set of contributions on Quora very recently. It was Deepak who alerted me to a conversation thread on Quora that was severely critical of Startup Village. While that was disappointing in itself, what was even more disappointing was that much of the facts were misrepresented by the user (who posted them as Anonymous).

I decided to provide my responses on the very same day itself. Few very good positives did come out of the exercise.

  1. It served a good opportunity to validate the value of the contribution of Startup Village to the startup ecosystem. On that note, a personal thanks to all the entrepreneurs and well wishers who came out in support.

  2. It also provided me an opportunity to capture and document the commendable efforts of the larger community in nurturing incubation and entrepreneurship activities in the state of Kerala to some measure. Special gratitude to all those visionary leaders who have been and still are tirelessy working towards a promising future for the state of Kerala

  3. It has also been on my ToDo list for sometime to be a contributor on Quora. The opportunity served as just the right trigger for me.

I first proceeded to answer the original question that was posted. Subsequent to that I provided my response to Anon’s answer. (Links to both provided below)

I request all of you to contribute with your thoughts, comments & up votes.

Just after the episode was over and just when I was feeling generally good about the support voices from the community, I was treated to a superbly brilliant creation by none other that the team who is creating the Startup Village a reality. Loved it! You really have to see to believe how awesome it is.

Harlem shake startup style (Indian Edition)

The timing of this Startup Village Harlem shake video could not have been any better guys. Thanks a ton for this! Im still laughing even thinking about the piece. Awesome is the word

Special credits to Ashiq & Ann!