Resist the temptation of that bigger round

Dear early stage founder,

Resist the temptation of that bigger round. Bigger need not be better. Bigger could mean larger dilutions, longer conversations and higher exit thresholds. Bigger could result in larger and persistent drain on your time & attention. And expensive mistakes.

Opt for smaller rounds instead. The ones that are strategic and close fast. Raise as little and as late as possible. And only from those who offer friendly terms.

Rounds done right can propel. Done wrong could derail. Rob momentum and land you in dead ends. View fundraising process also as a potential distraction. One to be gotten over quickly and not having to revisit / regret. Time and attention being most precious capital.

Think organisation building. All attention and mindshare going into building product and customers. An early stage round coming at the expense of building defeats the purpose and is just too costly.