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Qn: Your formula to get out of a rut?

Most times a good nights sleep does it for me. But if its a longer rut, getting back to basic / default routine is what helps me get out of it. Sleep, wake up, play / workout on time combined with catching up people & playing board games with people you cherish. Last time I was in such a run that I had to get back to basic routine was several years back. When I had decided to move on from MobME and when I was unsure / uncertain about what next. I recall being diagnosed with anxiety ulcers even. That definitely was one good rut. :)

Capturing into an actionable framework / formula

  1. Default to a basic routine. Any routine.

  2. Reach out & connect with people who care about you

  3. Know this: This too shall pass. എല്ലാം ശെരിയാവും.:)

Qn: What are your priorities in life?

  1. Having control over my time and attention

  2. Increasing the sphere of my influence & contribution

  3. Opportunity and liberty to work on interesting problems / pursue interesting projects

Qn: As a fresher right after your education what action do you think was the turning point of yours?

My decision to pursue the startup opportunity full time. This startup phase of my life truly transformed the way I looked at various things and made me rethink several aspects about myself and life.

Next turning point happened with Startup Village.

Qn: When you were starting off, what’s the one thing you wish you’d done differently?

Hmm. I would have done a lot of things differently for sure if I were to do it all over again. But specifically to your question, I would have looked at having the equity equity structuring among cofounders done differently. We did not know about vesting. We also ended up in a situation where we were unable to issue equity to founding team members owing to an accrual tax situation we ran into. Could have been avoided. We didn’t know any better back then. 

Guidance to early stage teams, co founder agreements and vesting is the way to go. Can save a lot of heartburns and trust deficits down the line. We would know. :)

Qn: Have you set any target in life such as; I will become billionaire before 40 or so? or money doesn’t matter

Hmm. Interesting question. Realised about myself that money by itself doesn't motivate me all that much sometime during the early part of my career itself. So keywords like billionaire and all does not figure.

Goals are there, some financial and execution goals. Keywords that come to mind are people, culture and institution building. Goals to me though are emergent & malleable and not absolute. What I really have are priorities and principles. You can refer to my rethink credo and some of my other responses for cues.

Also, resources matter. And by extension money does in that money is a resource. Having said that, money is also an interim medium. A means to an end. A medium of exchange and a store of value. Money is what money does. In and itself, money does not have value. So, what is it that you want to get done?

Qn: Mostly seeing non-fiction in your preferred list of books! Which are your all time Favourite fiction?

Hmm. The only fiction I have read is some John Grisham books really. Rainmaker also being the first one in that series - so I guess that. 

Unless comic books count. In which case its Calvin & Hobbes. Hands down. :)

Qn: So totally forgot to ask you the question regarding the list of books you put up in your post.. Almost all of them are non fiction. But I feel the journey for all book nerds happen from fiction to non fiction! which are your all time favourite fiction books?

Interestingly, I did not have any major fiction phase. Aside from the comic books, hardy boys / nancy drews phase during growing up years. the brief phase in between that and moving to non fiction almost completely, there was a brief phase in which I binged on John Grisham books - it all started with Rainmaker. outside of that, the only fiction book I can recall is Dan Browns Da Vinci Code. 

This note captures my journey with books in brief: Link to Note
This note captures the books that made me rethink: Link to Note

Qn: Personal questions allowed? 😛 😆

Sure 😎 🤷‍♂️😀

Qn: What is your ultimate goal?

Set up a University