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ADIF appointment release follow up

1) How do you feel about being appointed as executive director for ADIF?

I feel both excited and humbled. Excited about what the future holds and how as an organisation ADIF can play a pivotal role in shaping it. Humbled with being entrusted with the leadership and stewardship of the organisation in its formative years. It also feels like a fitting next step to me personally given my work and contributions with Startup Village. 

2) What will be the vision of ADIF under your leadership?

To catapult India into the one of Best startup ecosystems in the world. The mission is to get to Top 10 by 2025 & top 3 by 2030. 

We are now the third largest startup market globally and are home to nearly 50 Unicorn startups, only behind US (122) & China (92). While we are third largest in terms of size, the Indian Startup Ecosystem hovers around the 20’s in terms of rankings. We even slipped a few places over the last couple of years. If we are third largest in size, we should aim to be at least third in terms of ranking as well. Therein the purpose and mission of ADIF. 

Why we formed ADIF
The Indian startup ecosystem is at the cusp and is now entering into its next phase of growth. What we as an ecosystem have managed to achieve in the first phase – spanning 12-15 years – is nothing short of phenomenal. We are now the third-largest startup market globally and are home to over 50 unicorn startups, only behind the US (122) & China (92…
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3) What kind of companies/startups are associated  with ADIF?

All individuals and institutions that believe in the promise and are vested in the success of Indian Startup Ecosystem are welcome to be part of the Alliance. 

4) What would be the key focus areas for ADIF now?

Our purpose at ADIF is to catapult India into the one of Best startup ecosystems in the world. We aim to achieve this by bringing diverse participants and stakeholders vested in the success of Digital India / Indus Valley ecosystem into an Alliance and architecting a joint roadmap. Our initiates will be focussed on championing the sector, celebrating wealth creators, advocating for progressive enabling policies and truly being the voice of the Indian startup ecosystem.