Rethink objective & purpose

Positively impact the economic, social and political outcomes of society.

One way of doing that is through the creation of public goods

  • Information

  • Tech

  • Institutions

  • People

Information public goods Platforms (Democracy OS equivalent) Entities (Fiscal sponsor equivalent: DST incubator, FCRA) And the most important of them all, people.

Good people make good things happen. Good people make good laws. Good people make good institutions. Not the other way around.

What is needed is more leadership. And not more regulation.

Education is the biggest public good of all Facilitates creation of an informed and educated citizenry And also പണി അറിയാവുന്ന പണിക്കാർ If also aligned to Rethink Credo / Manifesto We will have civic leadership Which ultimately will have the biggest impact on the stated purpose

Information, people and knowledge creates most impact.

Rethink is not an institution Rethink is a worldview

the non profit and for profit entities happen to be assets that rethink has at the heart of it, to me rethink is a civic literacy project

Civic literacy