Roundup update to Patrons #1

Subject: Quick updates

At the onset, thanks for agreeing to come onboard as a patron!

Few quick updates


We had got through the first round of N/Core program by Nudge Foundation. N/Core is an accelerator program for non profits. Next submission is on the 17th (day after)

Basically there was only 1 key question. The question and our response copied in this Medium link for easy reference

About N/Core program

Full application that we submitted


We have started with our weekly Live talk series. First of which happened on Saturday with Praveen Sridhar (Link to Praveen’s profile on our Wiki). He was the winner of the IBM Openpower developer challenge and in his Live he talks about his program experience. You can watch the video here. Going forward, we will look to have a Live talk every Saturday at 11am. This is structured as an exposure piece. For deeper engagement, we will be looking at having an AMA layer on our Reddit


Our wiki is slowly getting into shape —

Primarily, we have page each for opportunities, people & projects

Arya is eagerly working away on this, with ample support being extended by Aby


Our Reddit board is also showing early signs of activity. This serves as a repository of all information discovered by our community


Started working on our website too. Its a work in progress and what we have now is very rudimentary

The patron page will be up in a couple of days — waiting to have all pics mailed in


Zach has quickly put together a very simple and nice app for us. You can get it from the Platstore should you wish to check it out — Ask Rethink. PS: Do take a look at the app description and let me know what you think ;)


Our bank account opening took inordinate time. Finally, we have that resolved and also got our UPI configured -rethink@icici. Yet to reflect on BHIM app — once that has been resolved, we will look to configure rethink@upi


Looking to get to 100 patrons this month. At about 50 now and my priority focus will be on this itself this month.


We had picked up a small space on seaport airport road — to serve as a workspace for us and for our volunteers.

Do make sure you drop by when you are in this side of town next


Arya joined in about a two months back. Yadu is expected to join in a week

Thats pretty much it for now

Will keep you posted

And do keep your suggestions and comments pouring in

Regards, SKG

Sijo Kuruvilla George