Roundup update to Patrons #2

Subject: Updates & some good news for Onam


Have some good news for us all on the occasion on Onam. One of the activities that we had taken up at the onset in June was an outreach engagement for GHCI student scholarship. Arya had led this piece and our objective was to get as many students from Kerala to apply. The confirmations has started going out since yesterday and as per the information with us, 29 of our girls have been offered GHCI scholarships (the number could still go up). The girls understandably are very excited. To better understand the context, nearly 15% of the total 220 scholarships that ABI gives out have been secured by the girls from our state.

Outcomes like these validate our very reason for existence and the impact it stands to create. A large segment of girls who ended up applying was not even aware of GHCI student scholarships when we started engaging with them and for a good majority of them it was also their first ever application to a program as such. In 2015, our count of GHCI scholarships was hovering around 6. As a result of interventions on our part, we have managed to get this to 20+ last year and ~30 this year. (The full list of our scholarship recipients is available on our Wiki page for GHCI). We will now look to set ourselves an ambitious target of 100 scholarships for 2018 :)

A brief note on GHCI scholarships for those who are not familiar

GHCI scholarships are offered to girl students by ABI India. This year only final year students were eligible to apply. Full scholarship covers passes to the GHCI conference along with stay and travel. Partial scholarship are also offered which only provides conference passes. GHCI is the largest technical conference in India for women professionals. It happens every year in Bangalore and is attended by over 3000 women professionals from across the country. The conference is a fantastic exposure opportunity and most of the major companies from the tech industry participates in the conference. Arya was herself a GHCI scholar last year and you can listen to some of our previous scholars narrating their GHCI experience in their respective FB Lives.

1. Anu Abraham, CET

2. Keerthana, CUSAT

3. Fausya, MEC

4. Arya, GEC Thrissur

Live talk series with previous winners was organised by Arya as part of the outreach efforts. An application walkthrough Live was also done to ensure that all our students put in a good application.

Aside of the fact the impact GHCI engagement is going to have in the developing the capabilities and altering the mindsets of our girls, by way of 30 scholarships coming our way, even at a conservative value estimate of 10k per scholarship, we have also been able to generate tangible value of above 3L. Going forward, we will look to identify several such opportunities and work towards ensuring that more and more of our students do apply and get into such programs. The list of programs that we have identified and curated so far have been populated in Wiki page for opportunities. I hope to share more and more such good news in the days and years to come

Other org updates

  • Operational activities falling into place one by one

  • We are at close to 50 patrons now. Looking to get it to 100 before end of this month

  • Yadu has joined the team

  • Steps initiated to have all accounts and related paperwork taken care of well.

  • Internal auditor will be formally appointed soon and audit of finances to date to also be completed this month

  • FB Lives are happening on a weekly basis: the property is getting into a good shape

  • Focus for this month will be on content generation: Blog & Wiki

  • I am also attaching a brief note herewith to serve as a quick overview of activities for your perusal

  • And last but not the least, our patron page is up — Thanks to all for sharing your pics. Rest will also be updated

In terms of specific help this month, would be great to have help in developing our property of weekly FB Lives — Rethink talks. Do also make aware the respective communities that could benefit from it. For instance, the most recent Live was by Jibin on the Next Big Idea opportunity — a program for early stage startup founders. Sandeep ensured that his juniors in SCT who were pursued knew about it and also encouraged them to take advantage of it. The schedule for will be available and updated from time to time on its Wiki page —

Thats all for now. Let me know should you need any further information on any matter. Thoughts and suggestions also welcome. Wishing you all a happy & prosperous Onam.

Regards, SKG

Sijo Kuruvilla George