Sajith & Volcano

Mail that went out to few founders from my circle

Dear Founder, 

Sajith is a dear friend. Have been since Torque / MobME days; and remain to this date. He was part of the founding team at MobMe & also a Rethink Patron.

Sajith is pursuing an entrepreneurial project of his own now. As someone who has been fascinated with cinema, he has concocted a platform marrying his love for media and his point of view on live content. I loved it and he has named it Volcano.

These are early days. As is the case with any early stage founder starting out on his own for the first time, Sajith is seeking validation, encouragement and guidance. He will also need to pool together an early seed corpus of around 100K / 1Cr at some point for him to be able to pursue the opportunity in a truly committed full time - which has been my guidance to him too, given the potential of what he is looking to build. He also has an early prototype and has been securing early usage feedback from people in his personal circle as well.

In summary, Sajith is a dear friend and an absolute gem of a person I would totally vouch for anyday. He is committed to pursue his entrepreneurial journey and I remain truly fascinated by what he is building. Requesting your support on the following count.

What would be immensely helpful is if you could take out some to share your perspectives and offer guidance based on your journey. Specifically how you went about validating your idea / opportunity to develop into a use case; and how you went about securing early backing & capital. I have shared your contacts with Sajith. He will be reaching out. Do find the time and the heart. :)

Sharing Sajith's contact coordinates as well. In case you want to connect or have it saved: +91 95393 68042

Sharing also herewith a recording of the brief chat we had with Sajith last week on Volcano: Link

And aside of all this, trust you and your family have been keeping fine and well in these times! 

Regards, Sijo

Mail gone out to:

  1. Saleeh, Appmaker

  2. John, Riafy

  3. Afsal, Delyver (acquired by BigBasket) & BestDoc

  4. Rajesh, RapidValue

  5. Cherian, Cucumbertown

  6. Arun, Agrima

  7. Anoop, Agrima

  8. Johns, EyeRov

  9. Hisam, Entri

  10. Jithin, UnityLiving (acquired by MyGate)

  11. John, Maya (acquired by Sheroes)

  12. Joby, Freshersworld (acquired by TeamLease)

  13. Shameel, Jiffstore (acquired by PepperTap) & Clootrack

  14. Anup Mohan, Stly (acquired by Voonik) & PreMagic

  15. Shiju, iTraveller (acquired by LastMinute) & UnRemot