Things I want to write about

What all have you been upto since Startup Village?

Spans formal engagements, 20% projects etc etc




WeTech Scholarship

Breakfast Club

Mathrubhumi Column

Advisory with UnityLiving, Appmaker, Agrima & Sastra

CUSAT Board of Studies

DDUK Course

Rethink: Slack & org




XIME Course




Startup Bridge


Angel Project


Seeding Kerala



What are you upto these days?

Whats my body of work?


Related question: Why did you decided to move on from Startup Village?


Why and how I decided on doubling down on board games?

If only I had the luxury. Choice precedes.
On the lines of how curiosity precedes learning

Among the most quoted part of mine of not being part of a regular work environment was that I could skip super market shopping on weekends when it's crowded

And travel on weekends. When it's crowded.

Travel and shopping are way more pleasurable mid week than weekends

  • This I agree. Think I’ve heard you saying it. Somewhere. But one must have the luxury too. And that’s the point you were making anyway.

I made the choice first. The clarify of the choice is what motivated me to figure out the other things. So I could continue to do the things the way I prefer and enjoy

So at one point I decided that I'll only travel by flights
The choice came first. Not the resources to fund or support that choice.
But the choice also gave me direction on other choices for me to make. (planning better, taking out drinks expenses etc) and also goals (financial and otherwise)
This choice was also grounded in some practical thinking. And not just any luxury reference. Was a function of putting my time and mind space above anything else. And interestingly enough, to get out of jostling situations if you will.

Pretty much the thread that ties several things :)

Interestingly, this set of choices is also one of the factors that led me to double down on board games as well. Now this is one note I really want to pen. It's fascinating. And from thereon my advocacy as to people should be investing into board games. Converging on this vibrator advocacy is also a result of some interesting observations. (Sidenote: Bellesa, omgyes.) There is s very interesting story there also. The why of it all. This is also another note I really wish to pen.


  • Where did that come from?

From a very deep seated care and concern, point of view, and aatmarosham

ഇതാണെന്റെ basic vikaram. That which drives most of my pursuits. Then I turn then into interesting projects.

Then I layer it with advocacy and subtlety. Which is was is needed to bring into the mainstream world / drive adoption

  • Why so against conventional schooling? I want to hear more.

Shall gladly share :)

And I'm not against conventional schooling per se. Dont get me wrong. I actually don't belong to that or the drop out advocacy group.

I care deeply about education.

  • NIOS has a negative connotation at the moment.

I fully agree.

And that's precisely the issue I want to fix

  • Fairly deeply negative

Totally concur

Like how student startups and entrepreneurship also was at some point.

If I do get an opportunity / platform to work on this NIOS problem, you might even find me choosing to work on this problem over the entrepreneurship one.

Why don’t we do a Clubhouse session?

  • I am a deeply private person

I am too.

And there is also a why that I have now consciously choosing to be more visible and active and open.

One that which also required quite a few years of work. I could get myself to use only two emojis until very recently.

Tempted to do two things

  1. Share my Rethink Credo. Should give a window into how I go about.

  1. Consent to be added to my circle. To help me bring out such thoughts and content out into the world

    • Which would translate to me adding you to a production indta account of mine. It's a staging area before it goes to the main page. Been thinking of asking few people from my circle to help me with reviewing / sharing thoughts.


I identify myself as an professional (and not as an entrepreneur)
I identify myself more as a professional than an entrepreneur?

Prefer avoiding rush / jostling situations
I like wishing people belatedly
I prefer meeting people after their wedding

Pallavi. Really regret me not making that NY trip.

Ponnamma aunty - honest conversation. Ending up visiting. Unfortunately, I think I might not be able to locate that email. But really glad I wrote to her that way and really glad I made that trip.

Murali uncle. perception challenge.

Sibuchettan. Need to apologise.

Sabuchettan. Need to apologise.

Alex TK: Need to apologise

Dheeraj GL: Eximius & iPhone episode

Stakeholders email: A very powerful tool and practice

Good faith actors & bad faith actors

Black box theory

Mosaic theory

Charm offensive

Sabotage: Lot can and needs to be spoken about this. You are likely to run into sabotage situations from others. How does one sense and navigate?


Notes on my professional life