Shajahan & Secret Santa

This note was originally written in 2014

We had this Secret Santa thing in office and my colleague Shajahan was my Secret Santa. I’m normally not much of a enthusiast of these kinds of things but this time around, I am left with no choice but to accept and acknowledge how much of a good thing it could possibly be.

First and foremost, I could see that everyone in the team (perhaps except me) was quite excited about the whole Secret Santa affair. That in itself was takeaway number one. The highlight for me happened when I actually got to know what the Secret Santa gift to me from Shajahan was. You should check it out for yourself.

The original pic credit goes to Suravi; she took it during the Goa visit last year and I’m actually reading a book in the pic (No, it was not my Laptop!). Have to say I was really happy to have received this gift. I normally discard / throw away most of the stuff (and most notably, the mementos I receive) but this has found its way to my main table in the living room right next to my computer (Picture).

I realised that this gesture by Shajahan turned out to be really special to me and will remain so. This piece is also in a way about communicating and documenting my gratitude!