Startup Village TVC episode

Startup Village enjoyed significant mindshare & support of both the Government and society at large. Several things happened as a result of it. One such thing was this TV commercial for Startup Village by Government of Kerala that we all one fine day woke up. All of us in Startup Village also became aware of this after it started getting aired.

Startup Village TVC by Kerala Govt- Govt Version

Startup Village TVC that was initially aired by the Government

It was also one of the days when the entire Startup Village fraternity come together in unison to pull off a truly collective feat of execution. While the intent on the part of the Government in terms of showering their support was appreciated, the execution left a lot to be desired. The messaging was quite off the mark and did not really represent what Startup Village stood for or advocated.

The news of this commercial being aired started coming in probably early afternoon. Before we knew it, people reached out, started taking on roles voluntarily and another CAT production was underway. I also immediately entrusted few people from the Startup Village team to work with the concerned authorities and departments. The whole exercise was completed overnight and it was ensured that the revised TV commercial was aired starting the very next morning itself

Startup Village TVC by Kerala Govt- Our Version

The revised version.