Story of my signature

My name was Sijo George until 7th grade. It then changed to Sijo Kuruvilla George when I shifted to high school. The story of my name change is really is that of my signature.

There is a time when we start playing around with discovering our our signature. For me, that started at around 6th. No matter however I tried, I could not come up with a happy enough or cool enough signature with my name.

Until inspiration struck. During the holidays in between when I was at my native, I chanced upon my grandfathers signature. Now that looked cool. Just the way he signed and not just the way it looked. His name was Kuruvilla. So was my baptism name.

Enter copy and innovate. Adopted the Kuruvilla part of his signature as it is; and added as S to the front of it. I now had a cool enough signature I was happy with.

Now all that was needed was for my name to match my signature. That part turned out far easier than my search for my signature. Went and told my parents that I wanted my name changed to Sijo Kuruvilla George. Don’t recall whether they really asked why but I definitely had not told the real reason. I was slated to shift schools after 7th and they mentioned it would be easy to change the records then. And thats what we did.