Student team from Startup Village rocks Innoz Hackathon at Bangalore

Note: This article was originally published on July 15, 2012

I have always believed in the potential of the young students in Kerala. Today was one of the days when I was vindicated. We had arranged a bus for some 20 odd talented students to travel to Bangalore on behalf of Startup Village and participate in the recently concluded Hackathon organized by Innoz. I had always held that exposure was the only key ingredient missing in our students from realizing their true potential. The amazing feat by the Startup Village mavericks at the Hackathon stands testimony to this fact and also left almost everyone dazzled.

The students that represented the Startup Village team @ Hackathon bagged the top honours for the first, second and the most popular app. It was one of those days in which the young boys from Kerala mesmerized the IT capital of India. Congratulations! All credit to you guys!

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