The KINFRA proposal episode

Doing things gets in the way of your ability to get things done

I had come across this HBR article recently. While reading, happened to reflect on a personal episode from Startup Village.

This was during the very early days. KINFRA partnership discussions were ongoing and we were to formally submit a proposal for the then MD Ramnath Sir to take up the matter with the Board.

I was fresh from my consulting days. Went about it how I would have done a consulting report or proposal. I am to this date proud of how the final document came out. With the benefit of hindsight though, I now know that a quick action one pager / two pager would have sufficed to meet expectations.

Such a quick action solution did not cross my mind. I was trying to craft a document that I would be proud of. I also ended up bringing in values & approaches from my previous consulting life to this task.

What manifested in the process through was all the three mistakes outlined in that summary above:

1. Inability to designate an action as one that requires only quick action or delegation
2. Feeling morally obligated to overdeliver
3. Adhering to approaches that might no longer be serving well

The result being that I ended up pouring way more time and effort into this task at hand. Stressing myself and bottlenecking other actions in the process.

What manifested is my behaviours getting in the way of my ability to get things done.