Let's get vaccinated

Note on anxiety / questions from within my circles

Responses to the anxiety / questions expressed by people from my circle in relation to their vaccination.

  1. People vaccinated are getting infected

Being vaccinated does not guarantee not getting infected. It however nearly guarantees not dying should you get infected.

  1. Nearing 60 day window. Will the first dose be rendered ineffective if I miss the second dose within the 60 day window owing to unavailability.

It’s understandable that this is bound to make you anxious. Based on information available so far, efficacy actually increases if you extend the window to 90 days. So you need not worry on that count. There is time.

  1. What happens after 90 days?

Unknown. Don’t think data is available on that yet. Which is also understandable given that it’s only been a year overall. You also have an another 30 days time window to start worrying about that. Keep calm and secure your vaccine slot.

  1. How long does the vaccine immunity last?

Again, unknown and waiting for information to be out / published. At this point in time, I would say stay focussed on staying alive and buying time till that information becomes available. Get vaccinated.

  1. Efficacy is best when window is extended to 90 days. Wait it out then?

Efficacy does go up when waiting it out but so does chance of getting infected. Based on information available, second dose after 4 week window gets efficacy to near 80% levels and risk of mortality goes down to near zero in the case of an infection. So no, don’t wait it out if thats a choice.

  1. At this rate, we would reach herd immunity.

Herd immunity has been a mirage that has been touted right from the start. We may or may not get there - we don’t know that for sure yet. What we seem to know for sure is that the virus has been mutating and staying on top of any herd immunity fantasies of ours. Universal adult vaccination is the way. The only way most likely in a game of probabilities.

TL;DR & Guidance

  1. Find reasons to get vaccinated (and not the other way around). At the earlier available window that too.

  2. Yes, unavailability is an issue. So stay calm and keep looking. Eyes on the prize everyone.